Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wednesday at the park

I think it was Kim that got the ball rolling on this meet-up, and it was just in time. We all congregated on a park about 20 minutes north of town, but well worth the drive. It has all the regular park stuff, plus a great water sprinkler area.

Gavin, Leah & Laura on the spinner. This is Laura's favorite thing in the whole place, and I have to watch her closely because she will guard this like a mother hen, and I pity the child that tries to use it. It's a big lesson in sharing.

Leah getting doused by the coconuts that fill up with water and take turns dumping out.

Sitting underneath the waterfall.
Savannah and Leah doing their best poses.

After playing so hard in the heat, where else would you go but Dairy Queen. We kindly invaded them with 5 families, which includes 5 moms and 12 kids. When we got home, apparently I didn't do a good enough job of wearing them out. I broke out the old reliable, Let's build a tent! This a never fail way to entertain both of the girls. Laura started out putting on a circus and it just went downhill from there.
Laughing all the way.

While Laura was taking her nap, Leah took a dip into our "redneck" pool. Can you detect the slight difference in the shape? It filled up just a wee bit off, but it seems to be holding. I think in this picture we are being so kind to demonstrate two of the dont's. Don't fill pool up unevenly, and do not hang on the sides. Oh well!

Dad made a quick stop while he was at the barn to say hi. He can never say a quick hi when it comes to the girls, there's always one more thing they can think of to keep him around.

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Jen said...

It was a lot of fun getting together. It sounds like your busy day continued on. Your "redneck pool" expression gave me a good laugh!