Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Family Ties

We just had a wonderful visit with my cousin Pam and her 3 girls, and my girls just could not get enough of them. It brought me back to when my sister and I would get to stay with my cousins Pam and Mary. We would have two weeks every summer with them, spent walking to the neighborhood pool, eating pimento sandwiches and most likely driving my Aunt & Uncle crazy. I didn't realize that until I see things from the adult perspective, but I probably owe them a thank you for putting up with that group of crazy girls they got every summer.
We spent our week with Anna, Libby & Kate swimming, going to the beach, and riding the horses. I'm sure they will all have wonderful memories to take from this visit, and hopefully many more in the future.

The four big girls playing in the pool.
Anna & Leah showing off their swimming skills.
Mom with Kate.
The four girls in mom's craft room. (L to R: Libby, Leah, Anna & Laura)

Libby all ready for her pool adventure.
This is Laura telling Libby to play gentle with her flippers. She shared reluctantly and with explicit instructions on how to care for them.

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