Thursday, July 3, 2008

More Cousin pictures-edited

Dad shared the pictures off of his camera, so I have some more to add. And now I've added ones from our very old camera too.
My Uncle Earl is visiting and he is such a favorite of all of the girls. Laura always requests to be with her Uncle Earl. I guess apparently he is everybody's Uncle Earl, we'll just have to share.

I brought just about every dress up thing my girls had so they could all play. I guess it was a good thing, Anna & Libby make beautiful ballerinas. Leah & Libby by the little fountain, with a georgous sunset in the background.
Our day at the barn. Both of Pam's girls were great riders.

Pam with Anna & Libby checking out the organ.
Our day at the beach.

Libby Dad, Leah, Laura, Me & Anna. Notice that I attempted to strategically place children in front of me. They weren't 100% compliant with my instructions though! :-)
Anna in the surf.
Dad with Leah & Laura.
Leah loved playing in the waves with her Grandaddy.
Leah, Laura & Libby playing in the sand.

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