Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We were enjoying our morning routine, when I got a call from one of our boarders at the barn that a pipe was gushing water into her stall. I hung up and called Dad. I could probably fix a simple water pipe break, but while my Dad is available I am glad to call on his expertise. We have become so dependant on my dad's vast array of knowledge that when something breaks, or just isn't working just right, Joe has even started saying, "We better call your Dad."

Before we walked over to meet Dad, Laura had time to play computer. This is the way she thought she should wear Leah's tutu. As I said in my previous post, Laura is very creative.

My mom bought us a carousel several Christmases ago, and I just leave it out year round. The girls spot it every once in a while and want me to turn it on. Laura decided to give her little toys a ride.

That white thing with the blue collar on the sleigh is Laura's pet shop dog.

I'll do just about anything at this point to accomplish potty training with Laura. She is one stubborn girl. Her favorite incentive right now are marshmallows.

Dad arriving at the barn with supplies. The girls were all ready to help.

The break was in the stall of this little guy. He is just a yearling, and his name is Cajun. Leah asked to pet him, and I did warn her to be careful that he was just a baby and might still nip.
Well, after Leah softly petted him, he stood there as still as a statue. This is unusual for any horse, much less a baby. She may just have that special touch when it comes to horses.
Laura had fun playing in the dirt, and her favorite area was the wet mud.

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Jen said...

I'm all for bribery when it comes to potty-training and marshmallows are certainly cheaper than pullups! Good luck! Zachary was a stubborn one also. It seems to be a common character trait in the "second child."