Tuesday, July 15, 2008


oldLeah is still recovering from her ear infection, so we were restricted from any swimming. That does not leave a whole lot of activities on the hot days we've been having. So, instead, we decided to join Joe for lunch, and we took him back to his office. The girls were very interested to see where their daddy works. We took them to the office, they got official visitor badges, very exciting stuff for a 3 & 5 year old.
This is how Laura started off the day. She finds very creative uses for common objects. Did you know a game box could be a space helmet?

This is Joe walking to the office with the girls. On the way back the clouds had let go, and we were all soaked. Since their was no lightning, it was actually pretty funny for the girls. Not so sure Joe enjoyed going back to work dripping wet, but he was a gentleman to walk us back to the car. Laura should have kept his shoulders dry, considering he had to give a ride all the way back.

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