Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We started off the day with a trip to our favorite Hairdresser, Rhonda. Describing her with just that word is really not enough to sum up what she means to our family. In all actuality she is responsible for this family coming together. She set myself and Joe up on a blind date almost 8 years ago. She had heard too many tales of bad relationships from me, and said that she had the perfect guy for me. I guess she was right as we will celebrate our 7th year of marriage in September.

The girls adore her, and as Laura was sitting in the chair she said, "Ms. Rhonda, I love you!"

This is a picture from my wedding day. After that we met up with my friend Ashley and her mother, along with my mom for a ladies luncheon at Denny's. Nothing but the best for this group. We had a great time catching up on all that is going on in our busy lives. I didn't get a picture of the group, so I'm substituting some old ones.

My bachelorette night, dancing with Ashely at Howl at the Moon.A New Year's eve with Ashley & Katie.

Ashley's mom, Garlena, holding Leah.

A picture of the three of us from the shower they threw for me when I was expecting Leah. While Laura was taking her nap, I pulled out my purchases from A.C. Moore yesterday, and my very tired looking wreath I had bought from K-Mart a few months ago. I just couldn't stand looking at it every day, welcoming me home with it's sagging little fake berries. It just didn't scream, "Happy Home" to me. So, I went to work making my very first wreath. I have to say, I'm pretty pleased. Leah enjoyed giving me creative advice while I was working.


Jen said...

It was neat seeing a pregnant picture of you especially since you got to see me as big as a house with Gabby! Great job on the wreath!

Amanda said...

Thanks Jen. I forget how large I was! I loved doing the wreath, maybe I can catch up to all of my crafty friends.