Friday, July 11, 2008

oops...I skipped Thursday

I didn't have much documented from Thursday, it was the girls day with their grandparents. I didn't take too many snapshots of myself cleaning the house, or digging out the stalls at the barn. The girls came home after seeing Wall-E and wanted to go for a swim. Luckily for me Daddy agreed to be the adult in the pool.
Doesn't he look so nice, all smiles playing with his daughter?

Now look, that boy is always up to something. In fairness to Joe, he introduced the idea of tipping someone over on a raft, and Leah loved it and begs him to do it.
Laura, ignoring the silliness in favor of a peaceful swim.


Jen said...

Ha! Ha! No pictures of the poop scooping adventures? Gavin and Zach would beg for this opportunity, but I guess that shouldn't surprise you.

Amanda said...

Jen, You would think I capture just about everything with all of the pictures I've taken. But somehow I still miss some of the best moments.