Friday, July 11, 2008

Friendly Friday

My friend Christin and I have the hardest time coordinating schedules, but the planets aligned and we all got together today. We started the day however with a quick trip to see our Pediatrician. Leah has a nasty ear infection, and we've got some good meds now. After the visit, Leah still wanted to play. We met Christin, her 3 kids, and our friends Beverly and Tabby at a local diner for lunch. It was Christin's idea to let all 5 kids sit at their own booth right next to our table. It worked for the most part, they were a little noisy, and Laura went back and forth between the tables about 4 times, and at least two of the kids interchanged drinks.

After lunch, Christin came over to the house and all of the kids played together for a couple of hours. Molli is the oldest of the group, and I can remember when she was their age. Here are some pictures I found on my computer from our wedding, seven years ago this September, isn't she cute?

Molli with Christin.

Dancing with me, Christin on the left and my friend Veronica on the right.
They ran around the house like crazy kids, watched a little of the "Meet the Robinsons", and decorated cookies that I made for them.
ReaganThe whole gang decorating cookies.

Ryan was proud of his blue Mickie Mouse. After he added another glob of white icing, he declared that it was now Earth. Then he ate it. Molli did a really cute flag.RyanLaura concentrating on her designs.

Every kid is drawn to the piano when they come in the house.

The cutest thing that happened today:

Leah gave her very first kiss today. At least the first one I know about. I am going to have to give her a talk about not being too forward, but she just thought this was the funniest thing. It helped that after she gave Ryan a peck on the cheek, he ran, squealing in disgust. That just fueled Leah and the chase was on. After I stopped laughing, I did have a discussion with her that it would not be appropriate to go around kissing boys like that. Being the good blogger that I am, I immediately grabbed the camera and ran after them. This is what I managed to capture.
I ask her what she did, and she says"I kissed him". Ryan just ran in circles nervously around Leah, saying I don't like it! When I ask her what she thought about it, she just mumbles "I don't know" and flips over. I'm saving this for when she is older.

Leah, the kissing bandit.

Christin and all the kids helped pick up the house before they left. While I was putting Laura down for her nap, Leah actually asked to stay in her room and continue picking up, and she was so proud that she cleaned up everything in her room. She and Laura's rooms really are night and day. I should get a picture of Laura's disaster sometime for proof.


Jen said...

How funny! I don't I'll be showing that video to Gavin...He would be crushed!

Jen said...

How funny! I don't think I'll be showing that video to Gavin... He would be crushed!