Monday, August 1, 2011

Rounding out the month

Just a few pictures to round out July.  First we were went out to see the new Winnie the Pooh movie with the family.  I truly love anything Winnie the Pooh, you can always trust them to be truly made for children, with no worries of anything inappropriate surprising you in the story.  The movie theater went all out for the opening, and Laura was happy to wear her Pooh hat and she also got a cute balloon too.

  We went to a local park with our friends Clarissa and Ramon, and out of the clear blue sky a torrential downpour hit.  Their was no lightning and the kids were already wet, so we let them play. 
 They were completely soaked by the end, but completely happy too!
 We traded in my old faithful Mazda Tribute for a shiny, new, Salsa Red Toyota Sienna.  I had to take a picture of the odometer, I knew that little number wouldn't last long with our driving needs. 
 Isn't she pretty? 

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