Monday, July 18, 2011

Rehearsal Day

Both girls have been dancing all year, learning three different routines, all in preparation for the annual Recital. The Friday before is always rehearsal, which means all of the stress without the audience. Hair must be up, make-up must be on and by all means don't forget any of your costume or shoes!
Laura and her group getting final instructions from their Teacher.
All dressed and ready for tap!

I was a backstage Mom for Laura's class, but thankfully one of our friends was also there, so I was able to sneak back and forth and see Leah too. They loved being able to support each other during the performances.
I got a quick flash-less picture of Laura waiting for her turn to go onstage.
Modern ballerinas, four hours is a v-e-r-y long time to keep little girls entertained. Thank goodness most of them had Nintendos to help the time to speed by.

Leah all dressed for her "Soul Man" routine. They were so cool with their hats and shades.

So proud of both of my girls.
Joe captured a picture of Laura onstage awaiting the start of her Ballet routine.

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