Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mother's Day

Should Mother's Day really only last for 24 hours? I think not! Joe started mine with three dozen roses a couple days early, and I picked up from there and delivered one of parents' favorite fast breakfast foods, Hardee's Biscuit & Gravy. After all the things my Mom does for me and our whole family, there's really not anything I can do to even that out, but we wanted to let her know how appreciated she is. Another favorite thing my Mom likes are her trips to the local spa with her friends, so that makes for a great idea for presents. Here Laura is giving Mom her gift card, enjoy your pampering Mom!
We decided to skip the brunch crowds this year and head out to Louisiana Lagniappe for and early dinner. We had a great meal and enjoyed the view of the harbor. After our dinner we relaxed out on the front lawn that surrounds the condos. The girls had a great time watching all the ducks come and go from the pond. Here are my little giggle monsters as I'm trying to take pictures.
A little better.

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