Monday, May 16, 2011

Laura's Year End Award Gymnastics

Laura has shown such perseverance in finishing out this year of gymnastics. There were several occasions we thought that she might call it quits, but this tough little girl of mine would never give up.
Doing a little pre-awards flipping around the gym.
Coach Kristy assisting Laura in her bridge into a walk-over.

Laura's long time coach, Elaina, ready to spot her on the bars as she gives her salute to the audience.
This is such a Laura face, and I love it!

The beam is probably Laura's least favorite apparatus, and here Coach Kristy was giving her a pep talk before her mount on the beam. I could hear her telling Laura that at the end of her routine she could do a simple tuck jump dismount, or try the hand stand dismount. Even though she was afraid of it, she chose to do the handstand. Being able to face her fears and challenges like that will take her far in life.

Doing her forward somersault on the beam.
Lovely arabesque.
And there it is, her hand stand dismount. I was so proud of my little girl!
A big congratulations from Coach Kristy.So excited to get her year end award.
Each gymnast received a beautiful gymnast snow globe.
All the girls in her group showing off their reward for a year of hard work.
Happy little face!
Doing a little post show poses.

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