Sunday, May 1, 2011

Leah's School Easter Egg Hunt

I was glad that Leah's teacher said yes to having an Easter Egg Hunt for her class. I realize there is only going to be a small window in their lives that they will thoroughly enjoy things like searching out eggs, and I'm glad to take part in it while it lasts. Leah ready to go with her Easter Pail.
Mom helping to hand out the buckets to each child.
Leah had big hugs for her Granddaddy!
The kids had no clue that they were going to have an Easter Egg Hunt, so it was really fun to surprise them with it, and they also got some cupcakes & fruit.

I asked after she got done hunting if she had wondered why I dressed her in an Easter shirt that morning. Luckily she was too drowsy to ask lots of questions, so the whole class was surprised.
All smiles at the end of a fun afternoon.

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