Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last Day of School

We are starting our second week of Summer and I'm just getting around to posting pictures from their last day of school...I guess we're just a little busy around here. Both girls had such fantastic years with their teachers and classes that both were a little sad to see the end of the year. Leah must have mentioned every day for the last couple of weeks how much she was going to miss her teacher, and Laura too just couldn't say how much she loved hers. What a joy for a me as a parent to see my girls enjoy their school days.
Laura with Mrs. Cummings, she was the perfect match for Laura, she taught the children through songs which Laura's musical mind just adored. She would come home singing about each color of the Rainbow. I was a little unsure how my full of energy & imagination little girl would be welcomed into "big school", but she was not only received with open arms, but was encouraged to flourish. She is leaving Kindergarten with a head full of excitement thinking about what she may find in First grade.
Mr. Wallace, what can I say about this teacher? He is truly one of a kind, a personality that the kids just can't get enough of, full of fun and energy, but he is also a tremendous teacher. Yes they play silly games, have numerous class mascots that most outsiders wouldn't understand, but in the process, they come away with a wealth of knowledge.
And that was just the school day, we had a very full afternoon to complete our Summer Kick-Off Celebration, and that post will be coming very soon!

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