Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Nina & the Pinta come to town.

Over Spring Break, two authentic replications of Columbus' ship, the Nina & the Pinta, anchored in our town. We took the girls out for a chance to see how they sailed the seas so many years ago.
They were quite a majestic site to see, and it was very funny to see these ships anchored next to speed boats and jet skis. Wonder what Columbus would think of our modern modes of water transportation.

Upon leaving the ships, the girls were just as fascinated with this forklift carrying a good size boat out of the marina building. It is amazing to see such a large boat gliding through the air.

There were many schools of fish swimming around the docks, I guess it's a great place to scoop up some bait fish before a fishing trip.
We had a great time and it such a treat to be able to see how Columbus and his men sailed the sea in his time.

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