Saturday, March 5, 2011

Math & Science Night

Once a year the girls' school hosts a Math & Science night for all of the families to attend. Each teacher hosts a fun game for the kids to do and while they are having fun they're also learning. Each class also displays a science board, here's Laura proudly displaying her class's project.Each child got to help write the questions.
Telling Leah about the experiment.
Both girls had fun playing with this magnet experiment.
Laura with one of the kindergarten teachers seeing if she put the shapes together correctly to make the pictures.
Another experiment, this one was to determine how many objects it would take to balance the scale.
Leah taking her turn at the math game with one of the first grade teachers.
The hit of the night were the "lava lamps" our science teacher had for the kids. They filled bottles with colored water and cooking oil, then added an alka-seltzer for fizz. They loved them!
The cafeteria was filled with tables offering different activities for the children. Here the girls are playing a math game, they have to roll the dice and add up the numbers, trying to fill the entire rainbow of numbers.
It was a fun night of learning and family time at the school.

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