Sunday, March 6, 2011

Florida Style Mardi Gras

Last week one of the local waterfront resorts held their Annual Mardi Gras parade. As we approached the Destin bridge, we noticed a massive amount of cars, crawling very slowly over the bridge, so we decided to park and walk across the bridge. I wasn't sure if the girls would be up to the hike, but they did great. I had never been across the bridge on foot, and it was breathtaking, we all marveled at the views. It's a little different walking, than zooming over in our car.

Looking at this kind of view made the walk a lot easier.
Pictures at the half-way point.

Once we made it to the parade route, we finally found the perfect spot and the girls got ready to catch some beads.

The parade was on a very narrow road that runs along the waterfront, and there was a wide variety of floats, from this little train, to electric cars, boats on trailers, a trolley car and a bunch of decorated cars.

This firetruck was squeezing through the tiny street.

On our way back some fisherman pointed out a pod of dolphins for us, and we watched them frolicking right under us.
Joe & Leah leading us back across the bridge to our car.
The very long line of cars we passed as we took our nice stroll.

We even saw one of Joe's co-workers flying around in his ultralight.

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