Monday, February 14, 2011

Leah's First Prep Opt Bronze Meet

Leah moved up to Prep Opt Bronze, Level 3.5, earlier in the year, and has been so dedicated to making her routines the best they could be. Her first meet at this new level happened last Friday in Mobile, AL. We made the two hour drive for a nighttime meet, kind of strange for a girl who is usually asleep in bed by 8, but it didn't seem to phase her.

Warming up with the rest of her team.

Chatting with Coach Kathy.

Her first apparatus was also the one she was most concerned with, the beam. She had a good warm-up period, getting some of her nerves out.
She even managed a few giggles.

While big sis worked on the beam, Laura enjoyed her new designer case I had bought her for the meet.

Dad, Joe, Mom & Laura amongst the crowd.
Giving my sweet little girl a hug.
This meet was Mardi Gras themed, so the gymnast got to throw beads to the crowd as they marched in.
After the gymnasts' parade, it was time to go to work. Leah tackled the beam first, and had a wonderful performance. Her biggest fear was landing the handstand, and she did it just beautifully. She had a couple slight bobbles, but nothing too bad, and we were all so proud.

2nd event was the floor.
Warming up her kick-over.

Big finish.

Coach Heather looking on while Leah continued to practice her floor routine.

Ready to go and awaiting the judge's acknowledgement.
Ready to go!

There's lots of waiting while each gymnast takes their turn.
Next up was the vault.

Coaches Felicity & Heather

Chalking up for the bars.

They've been working with the girls, trying to teach them how to make their bar routine flow from one movement to the next. Leah finally got this at the meet. I've never seen her do her routine so smooth and quick. Joe missed her pullover, but you can see how quick she was. Great job Leah!

Laura sporting her Mardi Gras beads, some from Leah when she made sure that her little sister caught the ones she was throwing in the parade, and some from some sweet people at the meet that shared with her.

Medal time...Leah placed in all of her events and the all around. We were so proud of her, and she held her own in a group of much older girls.
Laura just had to give her sister a hug.

Worn out at the end of a very long day, not to mention Laura was still recovering from a week of being very sick.

And the team got second place, a bunch of happy girls.

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