Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Here come the holidays!

Before we left for New Orleans Joe had brought out all of our Christmas decorations. Not all of them made them up before we left, and apparently Sparkle Lily took a liking to this garland.
She continued to curl up in it for days until we finally put it in it's proper place.
Saturday we went to see Tangled 3-D, and all of us loved it! It was a classic Disney Movie with brilliant music moving the story along. We took a few pictures of the girls before we went out the door to the movies.

Sunday, Joe put up the house lights, this year we tried to upgrade to some LED to save some electricity and hoping to have them last longer. Although, after just one week up, I noticed a strand out tonight. The girls really enjoyed their Daddy's light creation.

Our house was made for the Christmas season, and it just so warm and inviting with all of the decorations adorning the rooms.

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