Thursday, December 2, 2010

Family trip to New Orleans

I don't know if there are many little girls that have their eyes set on New Orleans, but mine have since they saw Disney's movie "Princess & the Frog", which was set entirely in the city. The weekend following Thanksgiving turned out to be a perfect opportunity to take the girls to New Orleans and celebrate my Birthday too.
I had been searching restaurants for weeks, trying to find something the girls would like but would offer good food. Well, wouldn't you know it, we ended up at a chain restaurant, Bubba Gump Shrimp, but it was really good, and the girls loved it.
Laura checking in with my Mom when we made our way to New Orleans. She cracks me up, she's such a little grown up.

Sitting on the bench like Forest Gump did, "Life is like a box of chocolates."
Posing in front of one of the many statues in the city.
As we were heading towards the river, we heard a train whistle and as we neared the tracks this is what we saw.
And for about 5-10 minutes we saw lots of this, apparently it was a train filled with military equipment and vehicles which looked to be heading to one of the dessert fronts.

A kind local jogging by, stopped and offered to take our picture, and as he headed back on the trail he yelled, "Enjoy the city!"
We took the girls straight to the Aquarium, a great place to spend a chilly afternoon.

What we saw as we walked through the tunnel.
A freshwater ray, didn't even know there was such a creature.

They found their frog prince.

Kid in a tube #1.
And #2.

Laura admiring her favorite fish, to eat that is...catfish.

Even a kid saw the irony of this sign, I know that the oil companies have a close relationship with the gulf, but after the oil spill last year it seemed strange to see BP displayed prominently in the Aquarium.
The otter taking a swim.

After the Aquarium we took a stroll around Jackson square, where the girls got to see what New Orleans' personality was really like. All the artists, fortune tellers, etc...
We spotted our hotel across the skyline.
This strange little performing artist caught our attention. He would say things like, "Hey little girls are you my sisters?" Creepy and entertaining all at the same time.

We checked into the hotel and took a little rest before we made our way out for the night.
Not your normal view, seemed like it was pulling in right to our back door.
More to come...

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