Thursday, October 21, 2010

October Disney Trip-Day 2 Epcot

After a big night of fun at the Halloween Party, we decided to just take it easy the next morning and not rush to the parks. The girls obviously agreed with this idea.
We made it to Epcot around 10:00 and immediately went to get our passes for Soarin', a family favorite and one that can have huge waits if you don't fast pass it. Poor Leah was having stomach pains off and on for most of the morning. We were almost considering taking her back to the hotel, when we remembered the first aid stations. We trekked over to the closest one, which is right near Mexico if you ever need it, and asked what they had that might help her. The workers were so kind, took her temperature which was normal, and gave us some Advil for her. They suggested we go to the baby care center next door, that they have other medicines they can sell guests. Bought some kid tummy medicine, and that girl went from this....
To this...What a life saver that center was, and the rest of the day she was back to her normal self. Well, normal might not be the most accurate description...Back to the park! Laura enjoyed looking around the sharks.
This time Laura got to experience Disney in a whole new way, this time she was a reader! I never thought about how much that can add to the whole thing, but she loved being able to read all the signs.
Laura is an old pro at the Turtle Talk with Crush Show. She got chosen to ask him a question last time, and she went right up to the front row hoping to be picked again. Joe & I got a chuckle, she asked the exact same question, I guess she figured it worked the first time.

The whole family decided to brave Test Track this time, and it was Laura's first ride. She really was very brave and excited, even after a 40 minute wait, she was determined to ride. She was so cute half-way through the ride, I could hear her say, "You can scream as loud as you want." Possibly her favorite thing about the ride.

I love these moments when they are the best of friends.
Laura losing it a little in the wait for Soarin', with the fast pass it wasn't that long, but that didn't stop her from going a little loopy.
All buckled in and ready to fly.

Laura playing the drums in Africa.

Her prized possession from the trip, a Chinese umbrella. The worker even wrote her name in Chinese on it, well we think it's her name, none of us actually can read Chinese.
We hung around a few minutes to see Mulan, another favorite of Laura's.
She was so sweet, and took a good amount of time with Laura. I told her that Laura would love to go to China, and Mulan asked her if she had been practicing her Warrior moves, and asked if she could see them. Laura proudly showed her some chopping and kicking.
Happy Girl!
Laura trying her best to give Leah a hug that Mulan sent for her.

For dinner we tried a new place, Askershus in Norway. It's another opportunity to dine with the Disney Princesses, and that's always a hit with the girls. Belle greeted us as we came in.

And throughout the dinner, which was delicious, different princesses strolled by for pictures and autographs.

They even had a Royal Processional where all the children got to join the Princesses in a parade through the restaurant. Leah had her Royal wave down!



Laura checking out her autograph book.

A georgous sunset over the lake at Epcot.
To end the day the girls and I took a stroll through the big gift shop, Mouse Gear. They couldn't resist the Tinkerbell dolls, Silvermist & Fawn. The flew through the entire store with their new friends.

We had a great time at Epcot, and it's amazing that as many times as we have been there, we manage to have new experiences each time. Next up, our day The Movie Studios.

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