Monday, October 18, 2010

October Disney Trip- Day 1

Staying at Coronado Springs gave us the option to use the extra magic hours offered to Disney guests. Normally we are not out the door at the crack of dawn, but it worked out this morning, and we were entering the gates at 8:15.

The girls anxiously waiting for Joe to get our tickets at the gate.
They have been looking forward to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party for months, and insisted on posing in front of this sign for a picture.
Laura, our 5 year old tour guide checking out the map as we walk down main street.

Joe & Leah strolling through the castle.
And this is why we went to Disney in October, do you see the crowds, no we didn't either.
5 minute wait, exactly what we were hoping to see, what a great day!
A quick picture before we got on Peter Pan's Ride.
Daddy & his girls.
Silly, with a capital "S"!
Moments like this make all the "Laura, look where you're going." and "Leah, leave your sister alone." worth it. Flying high on Aladdin's Flying Carpets.
Love hearing my sweet little dainty Laura yell, "Spit!" What she was referring to was when the camel spits water and the carpets, but it was a little too chilly so I guess they didn't have it working yet.

On guard! Playing around after the Pirates ride.

Laura's best Pirate face.

It's Fall in Florida, see our lovely (plastic) pumpkins.
All of us on the Golden Carousel.
I think this was the first time I have ridden this, at least as an adult.

The girls live for their afternoon ice cream treat.

Laura has voiced her desire to be a designer when she grows up, always creating, coloring, cutting & gluing, I believe her. She even spotted this cool set of heart shadows on the ground, good eye for a little girl.
Checking out Minnie's house.

Playing on Donald's boat, this was our last stop before a trip back to the hotel for a break, so the girls had fun running around in the sprinklers.

The faces of pure joy.

Took a relaxing ride on the ferry back to the car.

We spent a couple hours swimming and resting up for the big party later in the night, and more on that coming up.

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