Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Leah was the first up of the girls this morning, as usual, and she drowsily ate her bowl of cereal. Laura was soon to follow, but said she wasn't in a mood to eat. That was just a sign that she was very excited, and maybe a little nervous, for her orientation for her very first year at the Elementary School. My arms loaded with supplies for both classrooms, and my big camera too, we made our way into the school bright and early this morning.
Both girls chose their outfits, Laura wearing the same one she had chosen for our Mother's Day Tea last year at preschool. She has worn it periodically throughout the summer, sometimes for special days, other times just to dress up at home. I did my best to convince her that her sandals would be a better choice, but she was determined to wear her new sneakers. She's got ideas of her own and nobody is going to change them. Leah went the more casual, comfortable route. I guess she's been there and done that as a big second grader.
Laura, still sleepy eyed, sitting at her very own desk in her Kindergarten classroom.
Her teacher made the kids feel so comfortable by reading them "The Night Before Kindergarten" and playing little games too. I immediately felt at ease, and have high hopes for a great year.
Leah was the best big sister, she took time to explain as much as she could, including how to find the bus and what was on the lunch menu.
I'm so proud of both of my girls, and am very happy to have them in the same place this year.
Leah & Laura reading books together.
One of Laura's preschool friends, Ayden, is in her class, and she was very happy to see him, and I think he felt the same way.
After Laura's orientation, we made our way around the hall to Leah's room. She has many friends in her class, and we know she'll have a great time with her teacher. She has told me the story a couple of times about him riding into the lunchroom last year on a toy stick unicorn. Someone who will do that, has to be great with kids. Here she is with Laura & her friend Patrick.
We had a great day, including a trip to see "Dogs & Cats: The Revenge of Kitty Galore". I wouldn't say it was the best movie we've seen all summer, but the the girls enjoyed it. Had a relaxing afternoon, and I spent my night running getting everything ready for our Kindergarten Parent Welcome Breakfast tomorrow. It's the last of 3 meals I've planned for the school this week, and I've enjoyed doing it, but it will be nice to be back to a slower pace.

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