Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Day of School

Being the planner I am, by genetics I think, I had asked the girls days before what they would want for breakfast on their first day...McD's Cinnamon rolls. So that's where I started my day at 6:15, in the drive-through trying to start their day off with a smile. After breakfast the girls were great about getting ready, no fussing, I think they were excited to go to school. Dressed and ready, they both agreed they wanted to wear their "Smart Girls Rule" shirts.
Proud Mom with her two beauties.
The girls were very patient with me in the library, as we were hurridly trying to set up the breakfast to welcome the new Kindergarten parents. Special thanks to my Mom & Joe for all their help.

Striding through the halls like old pros!
Big smiles and ready to go to Kindergarten!

Is that a look of wonder? I'm sure her little head was spinning thinking about everything she might experience on her first day.

The big thrill for the day for Laura was being able to ride the bus to my parents' house, and Leah was happy to have her with her too.

Dad meeting the girls.
Mom baked the girls a delicious chocolate cake to celebrate, and it was a wonderful first day of school.

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