Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sweet Dixie

When I was a high school graduate, I took college courses, like I knew I should, but what I really wanted to do was show my mare in my final year of being a youth in the Quarter Horse Shows. After a semester my parents agreed to let me go down to Orlando and live with trainers while I showed and qualified for the AQHA Youth World show, just one of the many adventures I have had with my mare, Its Dixie Time, or Dixie for short. Purchased as a 4 year old at the All American Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, Ohio in 1987, she is now a very senior girl at 27 years old. She is a great mare to babysit my girls!

Laura insisted on riding tonight, and Dixie was first. She really wanted to ride Rider too, but I was wiped out!
It is special to think that my parents bought me this horse to fulfill my dreams at 17 years old, and now she's doing the same for my girls.

She might have a little old age arthritis, but she still jogs along.

Reins are a little long, but she has the right idea. Hear Rider in the background at the end of the video, silly boy, you would think at 15 years of age, he could stand to be separated from his Momma!

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