Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ain't no party like a Maines' Party!

We were invited to join in a birthday celebration for Mrs. Maines at Nonie & Jeremy's fabulous house and we had a wonderful time. There were lots of kids for the girls to play with and we had a good time catching up with the adults.

Most of the gang
Having fun on the trampoline, Leah injured herself, and unfortunately for her, that just reinforced my worrying nature.
My friend of 30 years, Christin, who has recently moved. So glad to have one last party with most of her family.

Mom & Judy (The Birthday Girl)

Christin, Donny, me, Joe & Leah

Laura ended the night outside rolling down the hill in Nonie's Hamster Wheel for kids. She didn't get very far, but she had a blast, Molli and her friends were so sweet with the little ones.

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