Sunday, June 6, 2010

Recital Time

The grand finale of the year for dance is the girls' Dance Recital held at the College's theater. This a huge deal for the girls, and every year I am astonished at their efforts and bravery to go out on the big stage.

Laura with her class lined up outside the stage before their ballet number.
Laura was sharing her harrowing story of her morning run in with our cat. Just less than an hour before we were to leave for the show, Sparkle Lily scratched Laura right in the corner of the eye. She was immediately wailing and when I got to her she had blood all around her eye and it was hard to see exactly where it was coming from. Luckily she scratched her right in the corner, narrowly avoiding her eye. Shaken and crying, between all of us, a bag of ice, a lollipop and a visit from her Granddaddy, she was feeling up to the recital. Here she is with Emily & Stella.
Ballerina in training.

There are some benefits of being a backstage Mom, one is getting to see the girls' expressions as the wait for their turn on stage.

Laura's Ballet number "L-O-V-E"

Once they were back in the room after ballet, they were ready for snacks. Not sure if dancing or the continuous feed of snacks makes them the happiest.
Still waiting.
Bella watching Laura play her Leapster.

Time to tap, "On the Good Ship Lollipop"

There were two shows this year, Laura was with the little girls and the show ran about an hour and a half, then a very short break, just enough time for a couple pictures. Then Leah and I went right backstage for her turn, which lasted about 3 1/2 hours. Special thanks to my Mom for bringing us a picnic lunch to scarf down in the break.
The girls with their teacher and director/choreographer of the entire show, Mrs. Katherine.
Leah ready to do her Jazz routine to "We are Family", Chipmunk style.

All the girls waiting to go on.

Savannah & Leah, friends since preschool.

This is my perspective from across the stage.

Back in the room, some more waiting. The big girls kept themselves entertained with their Nintedos.
Back on stage for Ballet, this is always the number that makes me emotional.

It was a very long day, that actually stretched over the entire weekend. Friday was rehearsal, Saturday Recital and due to a storm that took out the power, Sunday was our redux. The girls performed beautifully and great memories were made.

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