Wednesday, June 2, 2010

End of another dance year...

The girls have come to the end of another dance year, and they have come to one of their favorite parts of the whole time, awards! It was Laura's second year, so she received a ribbon for her efforts. We also were welcomed to see them practicing their recital dances, which is this weekend.

On the good ship, Lollipop...

Each sister cheers on the other one, Leah resembling a chipmunk with her animal cracker stuffed in her cheek.

The following day it was Leah's turn, and since it is her fourth year, she finally got the trophy she's wanted.

Preparing to perform their, "We Are Family" number, complete with headphones. Their teacher reminds them that their headsets are on and that we can hear everything they say. The girls bought it hook, line & funny to watch them study the microphones to see if they really were working.

Check out her feet, is that a flexible dancer or what?

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