Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh Yeah, Laura's REAL Birthday...

I can't forget to blog Laura's actual real Birthday, which started out with a present in bed. She was thrilled to receive her Little Pet Shop gift. Barely awake, but thrilled none the less!
All dressed and ready for school.
After a great day at school, Laura decided that she wanted to go to Fudpucker's for dinner. One of the few places where you can see gators while you wait for your food.

They even have an albino alligator.

Looking through a model of a prehistoric creature.

Opening another present, the Little Pet Shop Nintendo game she's been wanting.
And Leah got one too, it pays to be a great big sister.
A couple of very proud parents!
No matter how old they get, it's still funny to see what a lemon can do to a kid. And just for the record she asked me for the lemon, I guess she forgot how sour they were.
This restaurant is a parents' dream, they even have a guy come around and make balloon characters for the kids. Both of the girls chose unicorns.

The lagoon at night as we were leaving all lit up with tacky tourist green neon.

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