Monday, March 22, 2010

Laura's Big Gymnastics' Party

Laura's week of Birthday fun culminated with a big bash at the girls' gymnastics place. I gave Laura numerous options, even included Disney World, but she chose the gym where they go every week. Guess she really loves that place. Joe pitched in and helped get ready Saturday, including going to our favorite bakery to pick up Laura's cake. The girls had to walk back to the little house to check it out.
Getting a little help from Daddy.
It was just a gorgeous day, even Sparkle Lily wanted out.
Detail of Laura's Princess & the Frog cake. We couldn't have been happier with how it turned out.
Tiana looking at Naveen, the frog.
Coach Elaina with the birthday girl at the gym.
Grandmother with her girls.

Riley in the background as Laura "ooohs & ahhhs" at all of the balloons.
Kim & family with us at the start of the party. Looking at the pictures, I realized they helped us set up and clean up at the end of the party, that's a good group of friends!
Leah sneaking a hand full of popcorn.
Laura LOVES "The Princess & the Frog", and there was no doubt this was going to be her Birthday theme.
Sneaking a little bit more!
Time to bounce!


I absolutely love this picture, it's such a moment in time capturing the fun memories of childhood secrets.
Laura, Leah & Savannah

Caught my Dad helping out taking more pictures, here with Ryan.

5, but looks like she's about to be a teenager, love my beautiful girl.
Regan coming down the tumbling track.A shot of half of the gym, it's the perfect place to let the kids go crazy. Wish I had a padded room at home for mine to bounce around in.
Elaina helping Laura while Leah waits for her turn on the rings.
Sam helping Gabby.

Kris with Trista & Amelia
Sam & Gabby
Elaina giving high fives.

Seems like a nice soft place to take a break.
Kennedy & Laura in the bouncey house.

Dad caught Leah practicing her moves.

Keeping that gymnast form even when she's playing.
Laura & Reagan

Laura with Emily.

With my friend Christin, who I've known since she was 5. How lucky am I to have a wonderful friend like that for so many years. Glad we could celebrate these good times together. By the way, that is her grand niece in the picture.
Emma & Laura hanging like little monkeys.

After a solid hour and a half of running around the gym, it was time for snacks, cake & presents. Some of the group taken through the glass window.
Leah needed a quite place to relax, and Grandmother's lap was just perfect.
Me & my Birthday girl.

She loves her Tiana.
Sweet Clarissa helping me pass out the cake to the hungry masses. Telling some fantastic story here I'm sure.

Ava & Stella
Laura with Emma & Emily
Opening presents with the help of lots of sweet friends.

Laura is so animated and is just the most excited girl when she receives presents.

Laura & Kennedy
At the end of a very fun afternoon...this is all Laura had left.

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