Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hunter's Adventure

Life has been going along, with it's average ups and downs, and trivial complications and then all of a sudden Thursday, Hunter decided to spice things up a bit. As we were sitting down to another gourmet dinner, Pizza, I noticed there was no dog adoringly staring at us as we devoured the food. I immediately knew something was wrong and started calling for our little beagle, Hunter, but couldn't find him anywhere. After much mind wringing, the best I could figure was that he was out in our fenced in yard for a little too long and dug his way out. The reason he wasn't missed earlier is because he generally spends the day lazing away on his pillow, coming out to greet visitors or glare at our food.
Needless to say we were all more than concerned about the 5th member of our family, and really I've had him for 10 years so he was one of the first members of my family. I drove all over the town around anywhere I thought he would wander. Joe searched the property and fence lines and my Dad helped with the kids, which it was a good thing he happened to be joining us for dinner that night, we needed an extra adult around. It was the coldest night we've experienced in a while, teamed up with freezing rain, not a good night to be a lost doggie.

Joe got the information streaming out to our local shelters and I retrieved the lost dog signs I had used 4 years ago, when he had had done something similar. I went to bed that night, not expecting a very restful sleep. I woke up at 6:30 the next morning and went straight to my computer to see if there was any response to our pleas for help in finding him. And low and behold, I see a picture of my poor little Hunter from an automated response from the shelter system. Of course I don't like thinking of him at the shelter, but of all the things I had imagined this was good news.

The shelter picture
I was beyond thrilled and Leah was up by then too, and we were both just elated! Joe took the girls to school & my parents, and I was at the shelter's door as they opened. I had to walk down the line of pens to identify him, and as we were nearing the end of the row, I hadn't seen him and was getting a little worried. In the 2nd to the last pen, I see Hunter cowered in the corner behind a giant, barking dog. I just started crying like a baby, happy tears this time. I had to go fill out all of the paper work and pay my fine for having an escape artist before I got him back. When we got home I gave Hunter a bath to remove the shelter funk and this is what he did the rest of the day.
Happy to be home!

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