Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa is everywhere!

After our ride on the Polar Express we drove back that night through fog thick enough that we could have used our very own Rudolph guide, so that Laura would be in class the next morning to see their special visitor.

Each child received a book from Santa and it's so nice for the preschool to go to the extra effort of having such a special event for the children.

Laura got the Nutcracker, one of her favorite stories after seeing the production last month.
The whole class with Santa.

The day was a complete success, and I was glad we made the effort to get back in time for it. It was funny though, as Santa was finishing his visit with the class Laura said, "You know, that's a fake Santa." She wasn't upset, just stating the facts as she saw them. She 100% believes in Santa, but she knew that the one handing out the books wasn't the real deal. As I was leaving after taking pictures, I suggested she might not want to repeat that, and that some of the children may not understand the differences, and I reminded her that Santa has lots of helpers. She was thoroughly happy with the experience, whatever kind of Santa it was!

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