Tuesday, December 22, 2009

All Aboard!

Well, Leah had done the fun Polar Express Day at school, and that very Sunday we drove up to Alabama to ride on a real train themed like the Polar Express. We drove about 4 hours to get to our destination, and we were all looking forward to a great time, and we were not disappointed.

Timing such a long drive is not easy, and we made it there with over an hour to spare. Guess I would rather be early than late, because the train waits for no one.

Blurry, but liked the effect on this one.

We spent some of our time perusing the rail car "graveyard", and Joe thought it was cool to find one with the Air Force markings.
Don't think I need a sign to tell me to keep off of the cars, kind of an obvious choice if you ask me.

Hearing the train's whistle and seeing the big light headed our way.

Here comes the Polar Express!

All aboard!
That's our car, we sat up in the dome on the top of the car. Very cool to have a panoramic view.

Singing along with the performer...

Looking out the window to find Santa & Mrs. Claus.
And there they are, waving from the North Pole.

Singing Carols, drinking hot chocolate, eating cookies, hearing "The Polar Express" story, a visit from Old St. Nick & Mrs. Claus along with his elves, a night to remember!

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