Monday, November 30, 2009


Thanksgiving arrived, and happily so did lots of our family. We were fortunate enough to have my cousin Julia, her husband Chad, and their children join us, as well as my Uncle Bud & Aunt Janet. Mom knew that she would still have lots of cooking to tend to, so she got all of the kids remote control cars to play with while our big dinner was finishing up, smart lady!

Leah & Marco
Isabel with Uncle Bud, and little Mr. T eyeing her plate of snacks.

Dad busily carving the turkey.
The kids table, all toasting the feast with their apple juice.
Marco & Leah...cheers!
Chad & Julia helping the kids get ready for dinner.

Most of the family, minus Joe taking the picture, and Dad who must have been hiding.
Me, Chad, Julia, Mom, Rachel, Uncle Bud & Aunt Janet
Ava taking a break with Mom.
Laura picking yet another Hibiscus, those poor bushes are going to be bear, but she loves those flowers.
Isabel & Laura
Julia & Luisa

Isabel sharing some time with Aunt Janet.

The view from the back deck.

As good as it gets with six kids, everyone looking except for Isabel who was otherwise occupied petting Mr. T.

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