Sunday, October 4, 2009

Disney ~ Magic Kingdom

On day three, it was time to visit the Magic Kingdom. This was the one morning where we tried to get up and get to the park early. You can see by the misty sky that we even beat the sun up!
The early hour didn't bother the girls much, as you can tell by the jubilant smiles.
They made lots of wishes on this trip.
We arrived at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom even before the rope drop to open the park. It gave us a little time to enjoy the fun Halloween decorations they had everywhere. After all of the many times I have been to Disney, I had never seen it dressed in orange.

On the last several trips we've made, the castle was closed to walk-through traffic, but this morning it was wide open. The girls had the opportunity to eat in the castle on our last trip, but they really enjoyed seeing the hallway.
The morning crowd flowing into the park. I wasn't sure how everyone would behave, but they were pretty calm.
One of the mosaics on the wall of the castle.
There was no line on the teacups, so we were able to walk right on. I stayed on the side to take pictures, I'm not much for the round and round rides.

The group enjoying their spin!

Dad got some great shots of Leah in their cup.

While we waited in line for the ToonTown rope drop, so that the girls could meet the fairies and get pictures and autographs, Dad & Joe took a spin on the track.

The girls got a second ride with Mom on the teacups while I stood with the crowds. They came back just in time and got their autograph books ready.
Even though we were early birds, we still had to wait a little for our turn to meet the fairies.

Getting closer, and the expression on Leah's face explains why we do all of this.

Trying to catch a peak through the doors.
Meeting our first fairy, Iridessa.
The girls meeting Tinkerbell, she was asking if they talk very much...uh yes! I think they were in shock meeting all of the fairies.

Meeting Rosetta, she spoke so fast!

We were so excited to run into some of our hometown friends that were also spending some time at Disney! All the girls together, Cassidy, Riley, Savannah, Leah & Laura.
We saw this kind of sky off and on throughout the afternoon.
Taking a ride on Aladdin's carpet ride. We let the girls ride together, they were thrilled!
After that ride, we took in the Tiki Room show.

This picture was actually a mistake, but I love how it turned out with my Mom's & Laura's hands.

When we came out of the show the sky had opened up. We just hung out under the awning of the building and waited for the rain to slow down.

We tried to take in the Dreams show on the Castle stage, but it was cancelled because the stage was too set.
The characters came down to greet the crowd that had gathered for the show.
To end the day we rode Buzz Lightyear Ranger Spin. The girls with Zurg.
On the way out we happened to be greeted by this parade.

We decided to end the day with a ride around the park on the train.
Start the day with a wish, end it with a wish! Seems like a good plan at Disney.

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