Monday, October 5, 2009

Disney ~ Animal Kingdom

We spent out last day at Disney at the Animal Kingdom Park. We all enjoy this one, and the girls love to see the animals and shows.

Our little Disney pros with their maps out, searching for their favorites.
My parents have definitely instilled their love of birds in the girls. They both enjoy taking pictures of new birds for the books they have created.
Mom helping Laura identify some birds on the trail.
Joe & Laura looking at the hippopotamus exhibit.
He looked so peaceful with all the fish circling around him.

A Meerkat sitting on top of an old termite mound.
The last two days of the trip the girls were getting a little tired of being in close contact with each other. Leah figured out that she actually enjoyed pushing Laura in the stroller, and that solved that problem. It was cute to watch and listen to them, Leah being the little Mother with Laura.

Leah standing in the Gorilla's foot imprints.

What would you buy as a souvenir when you visit the Disney parks? Well, if you're my girls it would be a Webkinz. I tried to talk them into something that would be a little more "Disney", but they were stuck on Webkinz. They both chose the white swan. For some reason Laura's had a floppy neck, and it was the funniest site to see her swinging her swan around by it's head as we waited for the safari ride.

With the fast passes we hopped right on the Safari ride and headed out to see some animals.

Laura's favorite were the flamingos, I think because they are pink.
The giraffe hiding in the trees, you wouldn't think something so big could blend in so easily.
The white Rhinos
Joe with the girls in Dinoland.
The bats, they were amazing to see in the open air exhibit.
Mom with the girls searching out more animals.

We ended the day with the Nemo show, which we all love. The last thing we usually do is go to the Lion King Show, but the girls were tired so we went back to the hotel to enjoy the pool one last time. Mom & Dad traded off with us and Joe & I went over to the Big River Brewery across the lake from our hotel at the Boardwalk for dinner, very nice and relaxing time after all of the running around at the parks. We had a great time on our Disney vacation, and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate Leah's 7th birthday!

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