Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Patriot Day

On September 11th, our school chose to honor those that lost their lives as well as recognize all those that keep us safe such as the military, police and firefighters. The whole family is invited to come join their children and carry a flag as they walk around the track.My parents chatting with Leah's teacher.
Joe starting off with the girls on their walk.
Did someone say walk? That never lasts long with Laura.

She finally wore out!
Leah had been absent the day before this, feeling bad enough to go to the Doctor. She got through the walk but then was feeling very worn out and stuffed up, so I checked her out for a restful afternoon. I caught this picture in the driveway. Then I reminded her that she had told me how bad she was feeling, so the next picture is what I got....
I think she may be perfecting that whole, "I'm too sick to go to school thing."

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