Monday, August 17, 2009

Thursday-A day that ended with a bang!

We met up with a bunch of Moms and their kids last week at a local Bounce Place and let the kids run around for a couple of hours. We got to see some families we hadn't played with all summer, so it was a nice chance to catch up before the hectic school schedules kick in.

After a trip to the Mall Food Court for lunch we came home and changed for the girls' last Summer Gymnastics classes.
Even though they bounced for over 2 hours, they still couldn't sit still to wait for their class. I wish I could bottle a little of that energy!

Laura getting belted up in the flying harness. This was something I had never seen them use at the gym, and the girls were lining up to get their chance to fly.
Coach Kris reaching out to tickle Laura's toes. They really do have the best coaches there.

Leah's turn.
This time Coach Kris was in charge of the rope, and she really made Leah soar.

Dad made his way to the floor at the end of class and helped the girls climb the rope.

After gymnastics the girls changed and we headed out to our favorite pizza place, Mellow Mushroom.
Dad joined us since he was a Bunco orphan that night.
The girls love to walk down to the little tourist store next to Mellow and look at their snakes, lizards and play with their rocks.
This is Laura's favorite way to wear her hair for gymnastics now, she calls it little diamonds.
Laura playing in the mirror.

Ahhhhh....Mellow...It's a beautiful thing!
After dinner I made my way with Dad and the girls to see some fireworks that a local Condominium sponsors throughout the summer.

We managed to find the perfect spot directly across the water from the condos to watch the fireworks.
Dad pointing out some of the constellations to Leah.
Laura lost interest in the stars and just dove into the sand.

What a wonderful life!

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Jen said...

Wow! What a busy day. I love Leah and Laura's matching outfits. I'm so glad we were able to get the kids together again before school started. The gymnastics pictures are cute. I just got Gabby registered for the fall.