Thursday, August 13, 2009

Digging Ditches

Joe and my Dad have spent the majority of their time over the last two weekends digging ditches all over our side yard, the end product was a sprinkler system. To most grown ups this means the possibility of having a beautiful yard with lovely landscaping and flowerbeds, to my girls it means a water playground right in your very own yard!

Laura watching Dad at work, and enjoying throwing the dirt clods.
Thanks for all of your hard work Dad!
Joe finishing up on the pipes.
Leah leaping over the ditches.

Let's do it together!
They work!

They were having too much fun to worry about staying clean or dry.

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Jen said...

How fun..... for Leah and Laura, that is! I can't imagine that it was as much fun for Joe and your Dad. They're so incredibly handy!