Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Girls' Obsession

Now my degree is in Advertising, so I can appreciate a very successful campaign, and McD's has sure got one going with their Beanie Baby Happy Meals. At least it's worked in my house. My girls are obsessed with collecting them, and have conned all of us into getting them during the last few weeks. Thank goodness you don't have to buy food to get them, because a little McD's goes a very long way! Joe and I had decided if they wanted to buy one they could count their money in their piggy banks and get one. An extra surprise was that we gave in and decided to eat there, so not only did they get their happy meal toy, but a bonus one too.

Very happy Beanie Baby mommas.

Laura is no doubt one of the most creative people I know, she created clothes, shoes and hair for her little skunk out of paper, paper towels, crayons, markers and some tape. McGyver doesn't have anything on her.

This must be how all the famous designers get their start.

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