Friday, July 31, 2009

Tuesday- A whirlwind day

We started the day out at the free movies our local theater offers for kids, this week's showing was "Shrek 3". We met up with a bunch of our friends and it was a great way to escape the morning thunderstorms. After the movie we walked around the mall and let the kids burn off some energy.

Leah with RamonLaura & Leah peering through the viewing bubble at the Bass Pro Shop fish tank.
Ramon & Leah
Leah & Ramon kicking back.
Three little kids sitting in a row.
We had to cut our plans short when Laura decided it would be cool to hide from me in a department store. There was no doubt in her mind when I escorted her out of that store that it should not happen again. I do not like to parent my girls by fear, but there are some instances where it applies, that was one of them. My girls know that there are bad people out in the world, but I'm sure living in the loving, protected environment that we try to provide, they think the whole world will be kind to them. That's one of the hardest lessons to impart as a parent.

Later that day at home, Laura wanted to examine the shells she had collected the week before on our visit to the Bay. I had fun experimenting with my camera too.
Her sharp eye found this little crab claw in the water.

Later that afternoon we were lucky enough to get to visit with our family that made a special side-trip to my parents' house.
My cousin, Zach

Taylor with his mom, DeeDee
Jim & DeeDee
We had a wonderfully busy and fun day!

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Jen said...

GREAT pictures!!! I'm looking into taking a photography class soon. Would you be up to joining me?