Sunday, July 19, 2009

Painting Pottery

Thursday we met my friend Kim and her girls at our local paint your own pottery place. On the way in to the store we found some really pretty flowers and I couldn't resist a couple of pictures.
Laura always asks me if I want to paint something. Who has time to paint, I'm busy running back and forth with the girls as they pick out their paints, one by one. It's a good mini exercise program I have going.

Our great group of girls: Savannah, Cassidy, Riley, Laura & Leah
Laura trying to study Cassidy's creation.

Leah & Savannah looking over the pottery choices.
Riley with Laura, she is such a good guardian for Laura, always looking out for her.
The girls hanging out on the store's front porch while Cassidy finished her masterpiece.

After painting and an enjoyable lunch with the girls at McD's, the girls were able to spend a little time at my parents before we had to go to gymnastics' class. Leah squeezed in a ride around the block with my Dad.

My cousin Mary and her family were visiting, and her husband Cory had walked little Ryan around the block to take a nap, looks like it worked.
Laura was trying to explain to me that she wanted diamonds in her hair. Not the first time I didn't really understand a request, but after much back and forth, we figured out she meant braids. So here's Laura examining my job.
Warming up for Gymnastics.

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