Monday, July 20, 2009

Family Visit

It had been a year since we had really had a chance to visit with my cousin Mary and her husband Cory and their two kids, Abby & Ryan. It was nice to get to play with them over the weekend, even if we were on slightly different schedules. Friday and Saturday mornings I got phone calls from Mary at about 8:30 AM saying they were headed to the beach. Very admirable ambition in the morning, however, while we are definitely up in our house by then, we are not ready to head out the door by that hour. Luckily we had plenty of time in the afternoons to catch up.

Cory with Ryan as he is trying his Lime Freeze from Sonic. I was surprised he actually really liked it.Laura enjoying her chocolate shake with my Dad, and trying to hide from my camera.
Attempt number 2, she was trying to hide behind her arm.
Finally got them!
Some of the kids were having a late afternoon swim, so we ate in shifts at the kitchen table. I tried to squeeze in a shot of everyone.
Laura, Leah& Abby trying to touch the fish in the little fountain.
All four kids enjoying the fountain.


Mary with Ryan.


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