Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On to Raleigh...

We headed out of Savannah after enjoying our morning trolley ride. The girls were so excited to get to ride over the span bridge, or as Laura was calling it, "The Golden Gate Bridge". Right idea, wrong city.
What would a road trip be without the obligatory stop at a Cracker Barrel?

The elevator was one of the highlights at our hotel in Raleigh. You can almost see Leah in this picture telling Laura to be careful. She was quite the mother hen when it came to ushering us all on and off the elevator in a timely fashion.
The girls and I met up with Rachel and Ava and some of their friends at their school's track and playground. I think the girls almost forgot about the two days we had just spent in the car when they saw their cousin. They just screamed "AVA" and ran right to each other.
After some very needed time outside running around, we picked up Joe at the hotel and went to the Mall across the street.

We were thrilled to finally reach our destination, and knew the next four days were going to be jam packed with fun activities.

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