Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Leah's Water Day

Leah was lucky enough to be first class at her Elementary School to have a water day. They came to school in their bathing suits and of course that's all they could think about until noon rolled around. I came to school with Leah in the morning, and just ended up staying their the whole day. The kids came back from their music class with lollipop rings that their teacher gave them for end of the year treats.The first thing they got to do on the field was play with the parachutes.

Following that, they played several games racing the other classes.
In the first race the kids had to take a plastic bucket that had holes in the bottom up to a trash can filled with water and race around a cone and back to the line. All the while the bucket was supposed to be held over their head.

The best part for them was getting as wet as possible.

In the next game they ran sponges to the water can, soaked up water, ran around the cone and came back to squeeze the water out on the next kid in line. Here Najah is dousing Leah.

To conclude water day, the coaches turned on the huge field sprinklers. The kids went wild and cooled off running through all of the water.

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Jen said...

Great pictures! I'm so glad you're always there to capture these moments! I'm sure I'll be stealing some of these water day pictures :)