Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dance Awards Day

The end of the school year has brought about many occasions to celebrate, we've had school parties, gymnastics awards and finally it was time for the awards day at the girls' dance school. This was all on the same day as Leah's water day at school, so needless to say, we were on the run. Mom and I tagged with the girls to get everyone where they belonged.
Laura was up first, and here she is most likely trying to make her teacher laugh.
Laura and her class with Ms. Katherine.
The girls were having there last in studio practice day before the recital this weekend. We hope that we don't see a lot of this kind of face from our darling little angel, Laura.
Getting her reward certificate from Ms. Pam for her first year of dance. Obviously Laura is a hugger.
Ms. Pam with all of her girls.
Second round, Leah's class and awards.
Getting ready to start their Jazz routine, for little 6 year old girls, they sure can shake it. It's quite the sight to watch them so seriously dancing to the Chipmunks' songs.
Leah getting a hug from Ms. Katherine and receiving her medal for her third year of dance.
Savannah & Leah checking out their medals.

The awards have been handed out, now comes the hard work. Shoes have to be shined, costumes readied, gather all the hair paraphernalia it takes to keep my little girls hair slicked back, buy something to entertain them as they sit in a completely bare room for about 3 hours, and create bouquets for their final gift from their very proud parents.

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