Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tumbling into Thursdays

So, this post should tell you I'm exactly a week behind. This is from Thursday a week ago, I guess I've been quite the slacker blogger. I'll try to get all caught up at some point. My parents came to the class, probably because I told them it was going to be her big day to receive a trophy as the classes end before the summer. Okay, so I was only a month off, her big trophy day apparently isn't until May, but my parents enjoyed watching Laura anyway. Laura really tried to show off for them, and was putting in a great effort, volunteering to go first at almost every challenge. That is until they came to the beam. She will balance on anything as we are walking, but put her up on that beam and she freezes. I think it will just be a challenge that she will conquer with time. Heck, when I was little only my sister could lead me around on the little pony at our daycare, so I didn't have the most impressive start at my lifelong endeavour either. Doing a tuck jump over the cushion on the trampoline track.
Laura lights up when it's time for gymnastics class.
She requested a picture with her gymnastics' friends. The highlight of the class is at the end they get stamps, one on each foot.
After gymnastics we all met up at Olive Garden with our good friend Katie and her boyfriend, Art. Now that Katie lives in Colorado, we only get to visit once a year. We had a great time catching up on life.

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