Thursday, April 23, 2009

Saturday-Baby Birds

Our plan for Saturday was to get sandwiches at Firehouse, and then head to a park. Right as we were heading out the door my Dad called and said we should bring the girls out to his workshop. He had discovered a bird's nest in one of the pipes and he knew the girls would love to see them. Of course he was right, and the girls got a thrill of seeing the babies.

The girls had fun jumping all over the playground, and we walked down to their favorite stage. Here Leah is in mid-kick, I think her dance lessons are paying off.
Take a bow girls!

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Joia said...

Cute pictures, as always!

Hey, this is Joia, I know Jen M from MOPS, and I read your blog fairly frequently...

Anyway, Vanessa S mentioned that you had (or someone else did it for you) your blog made into a book? I'm really interested in this and I was wondering what site you did that through, how you liked it and if you would do it again?

If you have a minute and could email me, I'd really appreciate it! My address is:, Thanks!