Monday, April 13, 2009

New Jersey Family Visit

We were very excited to have my husband's parents and brother's family visit us from New Jersey this week. The girls have been completely giddy with anticipation of the cousins' arrival. They pulled in to our driveway Friday afternoon after a marathon, all night & day drive, and we've had a wonderful visit over the last few days. The first day here was just a picture perfect one and of course we headed straight for the beach.

(L to R) Leah, Jon, Joe, Laura, Kyleigh & Joe, Sr.

The water was freezing, but the girls haven't hit the age where they really feel things like that.
Kyleigh & Kaitlin
Simple pleasures, making hand prints in the sand.

Just look at those boys will ya? We had to beat the girls off of them.
Jon & I with Bobi unloading all the beach paraphernalia. You can tell Joe and I are professional beach goers, who else would have a special cart like that?
Kyleigh, Laura, & Joe working on a sandcastle.
Kaitlin & Leah
Not sure who started it, but Joe, Sr. (Pop-Pop) had a water war going on with the girls.
Burying Kaitlin in the sand, at her request of course.
It was so strange, Leah asked if I could spread out her towel, and then said she wanted to "sunbathe". My little girl is growing up, and her idea of sunbathing, with her 50+ sunscreen on, is a whole lot better than what I did when I was a kid. I can remember having tanning contests with my best friend at the daycare we went to.
Not sure what was going on that day, because normally my girls never sit still when we are at the beach. Which also means, neither do I. I was enjoying the few minutes of peace.
There was a great breeze in the air and the girls had a good time with the kites.
When we came home from the beach, we had a note on our door saying we had been egged. Jen & Vanessa were busy little Easter Bunnies and delivered sweet surprises for several families around town.
After that my parents arrived bearing even more gifts. They brought the girls these beautiful hats.
My little gardener.
I know this seems like a lot for one day, but it wasn't over yet. We still had to make time to decorate the eggs.
The girls had fun dipping their eggs and seeing their creations.
Leah with her Granddaddy.
The Price Men, Joe, Sr., Joe (or Joey if you are from NJ) & Jon
Kaitlin with Leah. Her NJ cousins have fueled Leah's desire for a Nintendo DS. She is a complete addict, and is obsessed with playing these games.

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