Friday, December 5, 2008

A family Thanksgiving

We made the drive on Thanksgiving day over to Georgia to join my Aunt Peggy, Uncle Earl, sister Rachel and her daughter Ava at my Uncle Bud and Aunt Janet's house for the big feast.
My Dad in the middle, with his brother Bud and sister Peggy.
Leah and Ava taking turns reading.
Rachel working feverishly on her beautiful Mile High Lemon Meringue Pies.
Laura enjoying the "kids room" at Aunt Janet's. She's got lots of fun toys, puzzles and crafts to play with.
Joe doing what he does best, no matter where we go.
Dad, Bud, Mom & Peggy
To enjoy the beautiful day, we all headed out to the pecan orchard in their front yard.
Mom with the buckets we filled with pecans.
The golf cart is a big hit.
Laura, Ava & Leah on the back, with Dad driving
Laura searching for the best pecans.
See what I found?
Dad reaping the rewards of picking your own pecans.
Rachel with Ava
Uncle Earl was an expert pecan cracker, and Laura searched him out when she needed help opening them up.
Mom using the little magic wheel that rolls over the ground and scoops up the pecans. It really makes the whole process much easier.
Joe playing around with Leah.
The climbing tree.

Back in the house, ready to eat!
Post meal More of the turkey coma setting in.
Back at the hotel, we asked Ava to join us for a movie. They were so sweet all tucked in together. Uncle Bud getting a moment of peace amongst all the crazy kids.

This is how their dog, Mr. T, really likes to sit. He is a character.Leah & Ava
Caught Aunt Peggy checking out my blog.
Leah on this poor little Alligator toy. I think it's for babies, but the girls still sit down, pull up their knees to their chins and roll along.
My sweet little baby girl, Laura with Ava. The more subdued version.
A pretty shot of Aunt Janet's fountain while we were having an afternoon rain shower.
Dad with Rachel
Being the devoted Grandaddy that he is, he even took the girls for another ride on the golf cart in the rain. Luckily, I thought to bring extra clothes for my little drown rats.
My cousin Mary and her daughter, Amanda Lynn, joined us on Friday. Mary is famous for her beautiful stone jewelry she makes, and her daughter is following in her footsteps.
Checking out some of the newest creations.
Amanda Lynn came prepared to help the girls make their own necklaces. She was so patient with them and they loved doing the project.

Aunt Peggy looking at Laura's one of a kind.

Rachel walking with the girls.

Laura with one of Mary's dogs.
Bud, Rachel & Janet
Rachel & Ava
Proof that I was there too!
Rachel & I are wearing our necklaces that Amanda Lynn made for us. It was a great visit.

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